Blog of Miscellaneous Bits of Musicological/Historical Research by Bob Pinsker

JPJ film appearances in The Emperor Jones (1933) and Saint Louis Blues (1929)

JPJ in the late 1920s JPJ in the background JPJ looking to his left

The legendary Q. Roscoe Snowden (1887-1952)

Dating the James P. Johnson QRS Roll of His Carolina Shout

Analyzing the Artempo James P. Johnson rolls
Analyzing a Scott Joplin Connorized roll

The Date of Birth of Clarence Williams

William P. Barnett - composer of Whoop 'Em Up Blues

Edwin E. Wilson - composer, pianist, theatre organist, songwriter, and piano roll artist and arranger

The Saga of Elmer Olson - Composer, Songwriter . . . and Murder Victim?

Hughie Woolford, friend and 'competitor' of Eubie Blake, with notes on the origin of the fox trot

Pianist and roll artist Mary Angell and Her Imperial Colleagues

Dan Kildare - Supplement to Tim Brooks 'Lost Sounds' Chapter 22

Fred Irvin - Pianist, Composer, and Promoter Extraordinaire

Deering Jack Palmer and His Roll of Shake It and Break It